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The Whirling Winds

Suzan Donleavy


The Whirling Winds reports the findings of a study which presents new and important astrological information.


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Winifred C.
11/21/2013 10:38am
Pros: I read Dr. Donleavy’s new book, “The Whirling Winds” with great interest. My attention was initially caught by the parallels drawn between the well-known traits of various astrological signs, and the gods of Greek and Roman myth. The more I considered these similarities, the more it made eminent sense to me that rather than a sort of primitive soap opera, the pantheon of the ancients was an attempt to represent the impact of primal, pervasive, planetary influences on the life of Man. And this ancient teaching aid probably had the same purpose that Dr. Donleavy mentions – to help humans understand that much of what may seem at first to be the caprices of fate or accident, is actually the result of influences bathing us in their light; a realization which can free us from a good measure of suffering and recrimination of ourselves and others. The invitation offered to apply and observe the simple concepts in one’s own life and relationships should be undertaken, for it is convincing at a very basic and personal level of the truth of the fundamental concept Donleavy presents. It is truly a mind-opening book, and a unique contribution to our understanding.
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