2024 AFA Medical Astrology Conference Speakers
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Dr Will Morris


Dr. Will has 46 years of experience as a consulting astrologer and 43 years as a clinician. He used Renaissance techniques of Culpeper and Lily in his clinic for 45 patients weekly.An astrologer who practices sound healing, herbal medicine, and homeopathy,Dr Willis the author of five books, including Cycles in Medical Astrology. He has two earned doctorates. The first is a clinical doctorate in Chinese medicine, and the second is a Ph.D. focused on Batesonian epistemology from the Department of Transformative Inquiry at CIIS.

Dr. Will performs 2-4 astrologically based sound healing events a week with his wife, Theresa, at the Kootenay Sound Healing Centre. He also offers clinics and courses in related medical astrology areas. His websites are KSHC.ca and https://medastro.com and https://KSHC.CA


Anatomizing the Sky: An Exploration of the Sky in Relationship to Anatomies East and West

We will explore the relationship of the sky to the human form, ranging from Babylonia to India, China, Greece, and the Contemporary world. We will compare and contrast conventional melothesia, which in India is called Kala Purusha, with that of horizon-based anatomy, zenith-based anatomy, Chinese organ clock anatomy, and draconic anatomy. We will then dive into decanate-based anatomical systems.

Astrology and the Creole Soul: A Transgression of Cultural Bounds Regarding Astrological Differentiation and Treatment of Psyche

In this presentation, we will explore the astrological assessment of the Soul. Tools for distinguishing between diseases of the soul and diseases of the body are demonstrated along with concepts for remedial intervention based in part on the teachings of Paracelsus. Several traditions have particular methods for assessing the nature of the soul, extending from Babylonia up through the Hellenistic period and into the later European circles, but the Vedic astrologers also have instrumental methods that are quick and decisive. Then, of course, the Contemporary Notions of evolutionary astrology have commentary about the soul, which is worth exploring.


Kathryn Silverton, MA, LPMAFA



Kathryn holds a masters degree in psychology and was professionally certified by the AFA in 1983. By integrating her understanding of medical astrology, she has successfully assisted her clients in being proactive when dealing with medical issues. She also recommends the ideal timing of medical procedures. Her clients consistently report favorable outcomes when utilizing her timing recommendations, and often, the surgeon comments on how well the client weathered the procedure and the recuperative period.


Surgery Timing

One facet of medical astrology involves determining the ideal time to undergo a medical procedure. This presentation outlines the rules to follow to find this timing. It presents examples based on the body parts and organs operated upon in conjunction with the natal chart, transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs.


Kathy Allen, PMAFA:


Kathy Allan is a professional astrologer certified by the AFA in 2010. She has taught astrology classes at all levels, has lectured nationally, and has written for The Mountain Astrologer. She is the author of When Worlds Collide: Another Look at the Lunar Nodes and Working With Midpoints. She has a PhD in Molecular Toxicology and did postdoctoral research in Infectious Immunology. Originally from Toronto, this long-time resident of Kenya and South Florida, now lives in New Mexico in the high mountains close to the stars.


Medical Horaries: Will this illness kill me? Does this medicine work? Is the doctor any good? Do I need this surgery? When will I feel better? All these questions and more are clearly answered by traditional horary techniques that primarily focus on planetary reception. Using real life examples, well see how to approach and answer these types of questions.

Ebertins Medical Midpoints: Certain planetary combinations appearing in midpoint configurations are related to physical vulnerability and potential health problems. Using midpoint trees and the 90-degree dial, well see how to find these midpoints in the nativity, and how to use solar arc directions and transits in the 45-degree graphic ephemeris, to identify when health issues are most likely to flare.