Writer's Guidelines

Book Manuscripts

The American Federation of Astrologers is a world leader in the field of astrological publishing and welcomes book-length manuscript submissions on the subject of astrology. We also welcome first-time authors.

AFA primarily publishes advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology books, as well as scholarly astrological works. Our market for beginner books, Sun-sign guides and similar material is limited and we thus publish very few of these. The ideal word count for a book-length manuscript published by AFA is about 40,000 words, although we will consider manuscripts from 20,000 to 60,000 words.

Submission Guidelines

AFA Style

Please note: All manuscripts accepted for publication will be edited to conform to AFA standards. However, major rewriting and editing of the manuscript is the responsibility of the author; please do not submit a manuscript that has not been well-written and edited.

A print-out of the entire manuscript should be sent to:
American Federation of Astrologers
6535 S. Rural Road
Tempe AZ 85283
Please enclose return postage if you would like your manuscript returned in the event we are unable to publish it.

Book Reprints

AFA is also looking for quality out-of-print astrology books to publish. If you are the author and your publisher has released all rights to you in writing, including the right to use the edited text and illustrations other than astrological charts, we would be interested in talking with you. Please contact us at info@astrologers.com or call 480-838-1751.

Todays Astrologer

Todays Astrologer, AFAs monthly journal for members, has been published continuously since AFA's founding in 1938. Many of the great astrologers of the 20th century contributed to this publication in the early years, such as Charles E.O. Carter, Charles Jayne, Olive Adele Pryor, David Williams, Vivian Robson, H.L. Cornell and Nicholas de Vore.

All articles published in Today's Astrologer are contributed by members or others interested in sharing their knowledge. Whether you're an experienced astrological writer, interested in getting started as an astrological writer, or simply enjoy writing as a hobby, we would like to hear from you.

Articles on any astrological subject matter are welcome. Most articles are 1,500-3,000 words, but we do accept shorter and longer articles.

Your submission should follow the guidelines above for book manuscripts. You also can email your article to info@astrologers.com, but any charts or illustrations must be submitted as attachments and not embedded in the body of the email or in an attached document.