Astrology has fascinated people for more than 4,000 years with its insights into world events and human nature. This powerful tool can reveal the depths of your personality, including skills, talents, motivations and challenges in any area of life from relationships to money to career, friendship, children, family, and creativity. Learn more under the About pull-down tab.


AFA offers advanced courses in astrology designed for those who are looking for in-depth study of a specific branch of astrology. Courses in Relationships, Horary, and Asteroids are currently available, with additional ones scheduled to be added in the future. Each course includes lessons and exams, and every student is assigned a teacher. Use the Learn Astrology pull-down tab to learn more about the individual courses.

Learn Astrology!

It's now easier than you ever imagined to learn astrology at home, at your own pace, with the guidance of an experienced astrologer.

Easy-to-follow lessons guide you from the basics of astrology all the way through chart interpretation and time-honored predictive techniques. In addition, the course is designed to prepare students to take the first AFA certification exam.

Explore the pull-down menus under the Learn Astrology tab to read all about the course and its contents. And don't hesitate to email if you have questions. The entire course is $449.00, or choose the budget option and purchase each of the three sections individually for $179.00 each.



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UAC 2018

Be part of the world's largest gathering of astrologers: UAC 2018: Celebrating Earth and Sky, Chicago, May 24-29, 2018. Click here to visit the UAC 2018 Web site, where you can read about the events, speakers, workshops, and much, much more. Register today!

AFA Org Day at UAC 2018

Participating founders of the AFA, Ernest and Catherine Grant, left a trust to support research in astrology. You are invited to this day-long interactive workshop which will present approaches and guidelines for planning astrological research projects. It will be facilitated by association members, Dr. Benjamin Dykes, Demetra George, Dr. William Morris, and Franco Minatel. They will provide an initial overview of quantitative and qualitative research models, scholarly, and hybrid approaches to investigate astrological questions. Click here to register.

UAC 2018 Silent Auction Donations

A Unique Opportunity: UAC 2018 Silent Auction and Live Jazz Party! With attendees from all over the world, UAC offers a unique opportunity to promote your products and to support the astrological community by participating in the Silent Auction and Live Jazz Party, Saturday, May 26. 2018. You can also donate money in any amount and we will shop for you. Join us in participating in this worthy cause for scholarship funds (UAC is a 501(c)3 organization, which makes donations eligible for a U.S. tax deduction). Click Here to donate and for more information about shipping items to AFA, which is coordinating the auction.

Astrology News Service

The Astrology News Service, a collaborative effort of several astrological organizations, including AFA, offers a wealth of articles and information about astrology and current events. Click here to visit the site.


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