AFA Certified Astrologers

Locating an AFA Astrologer

Want to have your astrological chart interpreted? Want to know more about astrology, the zodiac, Sun signs? The AFA has accredited astrologer members around the globe. To locate the AFA astrologers near you, click on the part of the world in which you're interested:

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Before selecting an astrologer, however, you must first determine what type of information you're seeking. In astrology, as it is with so many other professions, specialization can make an important difference.

Proper and skilled interpretation of your chart by the astrologer is the key to unlocking the meaning of your horoscope. If you're seeking advice regarding finances, you should use an astrologer experienced in that area. For example, an astrologer who specializes in natal horoscopes may not be the right one to use when seeking information on which to base financial decisions.

Also, be sure to seek out only those astrologers with accreditation (our testing program is one of the most, if not the most, rigorous in the industry). While accreditation doesn't necessarily guarantee success, it will go a long way toward helping you avoid the inexperienced, and the untrained.

AFA refers interested people only to its accredited astrologers. They are listed here along with their accreditation level, which is explained below:

Advanced Member of AFA: An astrologer who has met the required interpretation of basic natal and forecasting techniques and has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of how to set up a mathematically correct chart.

Professional Member of AFA: An astrologer who has mastered not only the basics but who has also acquired a comprehensive ability to read a horoscope. This person has also demonstrated a broad knowledge of the root principles of signs, houses, and planets, and has an understanding of the fuller significance of events.

Professional Teacher Member of AFA: A professional astrologer with the knowledge necessary to train others.

Life Member of AFA: This denotes a member who is also a Life Member of the AFA.