Exams Need to be scheduled through the AFA Office

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The American Federation of Astrologers takes pride in its examination and certification program, which has been in existence since 1960. It was designed - and continues to this day - to promote AFA's educational mission and the advancement of ethical astrology.

Candidates are not limited to any one system of mathematics, house cusp division, or school of study. Each, however, must demonstrate a high level of accuracy in chart calculation and interpretation.

Those interested in taking the exams should seek tutor online or in their community. AFA does not provide exam preparation resources, classes, or phone consultation. Candidates should be confident in their skills before taking an exam.

AFA offers exams in natal astrology at three levels of proficiency: advanced, professional, and teacher. The advanced exam is now offered in Spanish. Each of these is a separate examination, and you must pass the advanced exam before taking the professional exam, and pass the professional exam before taking the teacher exam. There are NO exceptions.

Click here to access a sample AFA Advanced Exam. There are NO sample exams for the other levels.

The requirements and expertise needed to prepare for each exam are as follows:

For all exams your delineation must demonstrate knowledge of the root principles of signs, houses and planets by illustrating your astrological premise with a written explanation. When answering questions be sure to include the astrological basis for your delineation in parentheses; for example, "The native is practical, stable and dependable (Sun in Taurus), but also far more free-spirited than is typical of this Sun sign (Sun conjunct Uranus)." In addition, the ability to quickly recognize aspects and orbs as stated in the exam is emphasized.

Each exam is designed to be completed within eight hours. Depending upon your level of expertise you may not need the full time period available but should plan for it. Be sure to carefully follow the exam instructions and to allow enough time to review your work.

Examinations need to be scheduled through the AFA. The registration deadline for all applications is one month prior to the date of the exam. There are NO exceptions. Please print and complete the form below and email to info@astrologers.com or mail your application and waiver form along with a credit card number, check or money order to AFA Inc. 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe AZ 85283. The fee for each examination is $25 for members and $50 for non-members.

AFA will make every effort to find a exam monitor in your immediate area. There are times, however, when this is not possible. You then would need to check with your local library or university and see if they are willing to proctor your exam. We would mail the exam directly to the proctor. You would need to provide the Name of the Proctor, Mailing Address, Date and Time and an email address for the proctor, phone number if email can not be provided. The AFA allows you up to eight hours to complete the exam so they would need to be able to monitor the exam for up to eight hours. Then they would need to mail the exam back to the AFA in an envelope that we provide. You may always take an exam at AFA headquarters if you plan to be in the Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona area.

Once you have completed the registration process for the Student Exam you can use the Sample Student Exam to help prepare for the exam. There is no sample exam for the Professional Exam; instead, see the link above for guidelines and a suggested reading list.You will receive confirmation details of your exam. You also will be advised regarding what to bring with you to the exam location. No cell phones, tablets, computers, textbooks, notes or similar materials are permitted. You may, however, use per-printed calculation forms that do not include instructions. You will need to bring to the exam location a Table of Houses that must include degrees and minutes and you can bring a simple calculator. The necessary Ephemeris pages with declinations are include with your exam.

Your exam and all materials turned in with your examination remain the property of the AFA. No exams will be returned. You will be advised of the results within approximately 90 days of the exam date.

Good luck to you!

Click here to download a pdf of the AFA Exam Application and Waiver email Waiver to info@astrologers.com or mail to AFA Inc. 6535 S. Rural Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283. Exam fee for AFA Members is $25.00 and for Non-Members $50.00 per exam.