AFA SuperStar Course FAQs


Q: Do I need to buy any books for the course?
A: There are two references you must have to set up any chart: a tables of houses (to find the house positions) and an ephemeris (which lists the planetary positions in the zodiac). In the course we use AFA Placidus Tables of Houses, along with the Rosicrucian Ephemeris. You won't need either of these until you are well into the course.

Q: What type of astrology do you teach?
A: The AFA correspondence course teaches tropical astrology and uses the Placidus house system.

Q: Do you have an advanced course?
A: This course, although it starts at the very beginning, brings you to an advanced level; it is complete in itself. Actually the only thing you will need beyond a successful completion of this course is practice. After a certain amount of this, you can advance into the big leagues; top professional astrologers command quite large fees for their services. But being a professional may not be what you have in mind. Even so, with the kind of training this course provides, you will be able to give yourself and those close to you the quality information the subject requires. Anything less is foolish; it is most unwise to merely dabble in something as potent as astrology. You may also wish to enroll in an AFA Advanced Studies course; these courses delve more deeply into specific areas of astrology.

Q: Do you furnish any type of certificate when I have finished the course?
A: Indeed we do. If your teacher gives you a passing grade, we will provide you with a diploma that you can frame.

Q: But what about actual certification, the sort of thing that counts legally?
A: There is no such thing at present. A number of state legislatures are being asked to qualify astrologers into some type of professional category in order to weed out the inept. So far nothing has been enacted, but the feeling is that the time is not far off. The nearest thing to this certification comes from the American Federation of Astrologers and the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), both of which offer certification exams on several levels. Passing these certification exams provides you with a title recognized by virtually all astrologers. The AFA course is designed to help students prepare for the first AFA certification exam. After successfully completing the course, including the course final exam, which you do on your own, you may wish to register for the first AFA certification exam. The AFA Exams page has more information about AFA certification exams, which are separate from the course.

Q: How long will it take me to finish the course?
A: That largely depends upon you, how much time you dedicate to learning the information and how fast you grasp it. We have had a few people complete the course in as little as six months. Others have taken up to two years and beyond.

Q: Who will be my teacher?
A: Of equal importance to the way the material is presented in the lessons is the quality of instruction you receive. Remember, this is not just a glorified book; it is a course of instruction in which your teacher plays a critically important part. So let's take a closer look at the person who is to be your teacher

First, what are the qualifications needed in the selection of an instructors? To begin with, a significant background in astrology, and naturally enough, the candidate has to have taken the course.

Now, this brings up an interesting question: Why would someone with the kind of experience needed to be a teacher even consider taking a beginner's course like this? The answer is simple enough. The course provides instruction in several areas that aren't adequately taught anywhere else, such as how to properly delineate a chart, and how to incorporate the progressions and transits into the delineation. The value of this alone is enough to attract even seasoned pros and teachers.

Another absolute must is that the person be unusually articulate and fluent with the written word in order to communicate with you at the best level possible. Finally, there must be an earnest desire upon the teachers part to teach, to help when help is needed, and to supply that invisible quality of encouragement and understanding should the going ever get a bit rough.

The fact that you'll be dealing directly with your instructor, who probably lives in some other part of the country, or even the world, does not mean we will lose interest in you. Quite the contrary! Our instructors work with you at the pace you desire.