AFA Membership

The American Federation of Astrologers is the largest astrological organization and astrological publisher in the world. Founded in 1938, the AFA has members in the United States and many countries around the world.

The organization encourages the study of all scientific methods of astrology and to promote the dissemination of astrological knowledge and understanding. Equally important is the AFA's Code of Ethics, which promotes professionalism in the field of astrology.

Membership in AFA is open to everyoneprofessional astrologers, amateur astrologers and those who simply enjoy or are interested in astrology. Our roster includes many of the worlds most prominent astrologers and authors.

Advantages of AFA Membership

Membership Categories

Associate: For the person who wants to pursue an interest in or a career in astrology. Annual dues: $45.00 U.S., $60.00 international

Senior Associate: Members 65 years and older pay reduced dues yet receive all the benefits of membership. Annual dues: $30.00 U.S., $45.00 international

Couple: Associate membership with these exceptions: one monthly copy of Todays Astrologer, one vote in matters brought before the membership. Annual dues: $60.00 U.S., $75.00 international

Group Affiliate: An organization can join as a group and will receive one copy of Todays Astrologer to be shared by the group. Annual dues: $50.00 U.S., $65.00 international

Life: All the advantages of associate membership for your lifetime with no further dues payments required. One-time dues: $600.00 U.S., $1,000.00 international


If you want to apply for AFA membership...

Please read the AFA Code of Ethics:

AFA Code of Ethics

I, by indicating my agreement below, subscribe to the following Code of Ethics as a condition of membership in the AFA:

I recognize that a precise astrological opinion cannot honestly be rendered unless it is based on a horoscope cast for the year, month, day, time of day, and correct geographical location of the place of birth.

I agree not to render such an opinion without this detailed information, unless the horoscope of the individual has been rectified by accepted astrological methods, or unless I positively state to the interested party that such conclusions are reached by alternative methods.

I agree not to interpolate or introduce into any astrological deduction any interpretations that are irrelevant to the science of astrology without first stating that such deductions are neither based upon the chart nor identified with the science.

I agree to respect and hold inviolable all confidences placed in me by consultation except where they may involve an act of felony or treason.

I agree not to use my identification with the AFA in any unethical manner and will work to expose those who do.

If you are applying for membership in AFA, and if you agree to abide by AFAs Code of Ethics, you must include this statement in the Comments section on the secure order page: "I agree to abide by AFA's Code of Ethics."



To join or to renew your membership, please click on the AFA Membership tab in the pull-down menu under Membership.