Sun Signs July 2021

By Alina Rubi, PMAFA

Aries (March 21-April 19): This month family dynamics and career concerns are likely to act as a point of stress. Your soulmate isn't always going to match your expectations. Having expectations isn't a good idea to begin with, but this is especially significant for you to consider this month. You know what you want, but you're afraid of what it may cost you. Someone has found out your secret weakness and is pushing hard to exploit it, but you can patch things up quickly. Drawing up plans can be in the spotlight and quite successful. Anything that relieves stress will be appropriate. The time is just right to take on more responsibilities and throw yourself more into your work. Hard work and sincere efforts will be rewarded. Those who are married may find it a perfect month to discuss about the introduction of a new member into their family.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): This period you are more inclined to see your life as a whole and take stock of what you're doing to see how it fits into where you want to be down the road. You're likely to find yourself in a heavy headspace this month. Allow yourself to dig deep and feel whatever needs to be felt without judgment. Efforts put forth this month can lead to wonderful new beginnings and rewards. Seeing an old problem in a new light can lead to new beginnings with long-term potential. It's a time to free yourself from certain old habits and establish new and healthy habits or routines. Fortunately, you're doing a lot of work on yourself and your relationship with your inner world. This reflects positively in your ability to manage your responsibilities and thrive or succeed in the outside world. Don't be so impatient about fixing a problem that you end up doing something rash.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): Many of you will be excited about big travel plans. Others will be excited about opportunities to get further education or to explore new avenues in the media. This month is full of many possibilities! Look for ways to boost your income or perhaps to get a better-paying job. You would also see ways to make money on the side. If shopping, you won't be afraid to consider big-ticket items. Improved living conditions and arrangements or family relationships will be in the spotlight, it's an excellent time to improve your relationships with loved ones and comfort levels on the home front. For those in love, you will really feel it is time to take your relationship to the next level of commitment and may decide to exchange vows even. For those who are already married, you should enjoy the party to the fullest.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): You will make it a point to set some time aside for spending exclusively with family. Cater for the weather, if undertaking a long journey in the middle of the month. You will be able to fare well on the academic front. A promising start to a new venture is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. Those trying desperately to come back in shape will succeed. Don't be impulsive in buying something that is a passing fad and waste money. Not everything is likely to make sense, as is often the case with new beginnings, but your intuition is telling you something. Take things easy, as there is more thinking on the matter to do. You will be focusing on recycling old ideas or discovering that a particular attitude or project may no longer be motivating you. You will get the chance to completely sort out one problem for good, but you will also have to overcome certain innate fears to do so.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22): This is a fabulous month to entertain at home. It's also a great period to have a group congregate where you live. Be open to real estate to improve or expand where you live. You are likely to have many ideas and plans going during this month, and you will be inclined to scatter your energies as a result. Channeled well, however, this is a good time to sell your ideas to others, or to present your case in some manner. You may be especially busy running errands and communicating with others. More articulate than usual, you will also have a more assertive, self-centered, or provocative communication style at this time. As such, discussions might more readily become heated, or they might escalate into arguments. If this is the case, it's likely because you are taking things very personally, or because you are over-identifying with your beliefs and ideas.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Those planning to buy a new house will do well to wait a little longer. You are likely to feel elated by your academic performance. Someone will invite you to travel on a vacation, so get set for some solid enjoyment. Be careful of what you eat for your health's own good. Your willingness to help someone monetarily will be highly appreciated. The ability to relate well with others might enhance your own personal finances during this period. You will find yourself in a position in which there is a blending of financial matters with social or public affairs. Opportunities will come your way easily but do not be in a haste to grab them all. Weigh your options minutely, feel confident and then act accordingly. Also, share with your friends. This is a time when you will have to open many doors. However, surprises will not be pleasant always. Do not leave everything on destiny. Your actions will determine your destiny.

Libra (Sept.23 - Oct. 22): The spotlight is on you and your ability to lead, so make it a good one! Take steps to improve how you come across to others. It's time to carve your own path in life. Someone will push you onto the treadmill for getting in shape, so welcome the opportunity instead of resenting it. Not keeping your ego in check on the work front will rub higher ups the wrong way. You will be a little extravagant with money during this month, as your desire for luxury and comfort items will be increased, and this is something to watch for. When it comes to love, you value those who make you feel comfortable and secure. Try to stay away from people who bring negativity to your life. You will be taken by surprise this month that the person you have been confiding into has spread bad words about you. Be careful of such people. Do not let them eat away your mental peace. You will find a true friend near you. It can be your spouse or your parents.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Good investments are likely to multiply your money and beef up your bank balance. Health poses no problems, as you strive to keep fit. Decisions taken by you on the work front will prove to be on the dot. You will succeed in pacifying a distraught family member by your soft approach and soothing words. Problems are foreseen in a journey, so go adequately prepared. Though you are well established in your field, you may feel restless in your work. A feeling of discontent with what you know will begin to disturb you. However, it will be rather foolhardy to leave your job at this moment. These feelings are transient so avoid making any major career decisions as you are likely to be misguided. Use your strong, dynamic nature to win the hearts of others. Lead the charge toward good-natured fun. You will be laid-back, easygoing, and adventurous. Take a long-distance trip in your mind.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): An unplanned journey promises much excitement. Actions taken on the home front will prove immensely helpful for someone in the family. Your experiment with a home solution will prove successful. A delayed payment shows all signs of further delay. An inner fear regarding performance will not allow you to put your best foot forward at work. Your partner will blow hot and cold over an issue at home, so keep your cool. Your lavish lifestyle will draw many people towards you. But all of them are just fake and make false pretensions of loving you. In such a situation just focus on the positivity that you are not alone. Expand your range of activities with your partner by undertaking adventurous trips together and doing things which please your partner. Especially take out some time for lunch with your partner.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Your mean streak will offend someone who admires you. Health will remain satisfactory as you remain regular in your workouts. An outstanding payment stuck for a long time is likely to get released soon. Things will turn favorable as you go all out on the professional front. Chance of meeting people you have not seen in years will be possible. Your go-getter attitude will be highly appreciated on the professional front by those who matter. Getting motivated for achieving a perfect figure would be possible for some. Give yourself plenty of time to become accustomed to a fitness routine. The less you try to shape things, the more they will generally flow in your favor. The universe wants you to move ahead to create and conquer. But you also need to take it slowly and build a strong foundation before moving ahead.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 20): Some of you will likely overstep the domestic budget if you don't curb your spending. Relaxing on the work front has its own perils, so desist from it. A family gathering will give you an opportunity to meet people of your generation. You will be able to strike a fine balance to achieve good health. Well planned investments will let you live off the interest. It's easier than usual to rise above problems and make the best of circumstances. This will be the best time to start analyzing your past activities rather than criticizing others. Don't go knocking on doors when it comes to relationships. Remember, someone is made for you. When the right time comes, the universe will unfold automatically to present that precious gift to you. Let your love find you. Till then, have good time with your friends and associates. Maybe your hidden diamond is located somewhere there. You shouldn't lose hope.

Pisces (Feb. 21-March 20): Meeting an old friend is in the cards. Your efforts on the fitness front will be richly rewarded. You are likely to do well financially and save too. If you are launching something new, sharing your knowledge with the world or a project, this will be a positive move for you. Additional authority will be your reward for your contribution to the group you work for. You will particularly value the aesthetics in and around your home during this period. If things are out of whack on the home front, you will do whatever you can to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships will be more important to you than typically. Your health will be a little unpredictable, but your exceptional mental strength and determination will help you tackle any situation. Sometimes the universe tends to go over previously covered territory with a fine-toothed comb, so don't be surprised if something you thought had been dealt with comes back to haunt you.

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