Sun Signs July 2024

By Alina Rubi, PMAFA

Aries (March 21-April 19): It is a good month to choose a day and sit down with your partner, with a glass of wine or other liquor, and talk about how far you have come. Acknowledge the road you have traveled, all the problems you have solved and all the good you have done for each other. If you are looking for a partner, you are wondering what kind of entertainment that person takes part in because you do not dare to propose any. You should go slowly and go for the conventional: a simple trip to the movies or the theater. You should not underestimate the price of the talent of your partners in work or business, because you are part of a structure, and what you restrict, will be limited to you too. Remember that in all areas of life the laws of karma are fulfilled: Give what you wish to receive. Your spirit of persuasion will be your forte, specifically at work, do not overdo it, it can have a negative impact on your work relationships.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): This month you can face immensely powerful enemies that will cause difficulties or obstacles in achieving your goals. You will also experience impulsive behaviors that will be unfavorable to you. It will be difficult for you to exercise self-control, but it is healthy to try. You must analyze the conditions of your past that may still be influencing you and free yourself. This will require a process and conscious work. Legal problems should be approached with care to avoid complications or deception. You will be able to make good business deals and sign contracts, but you will have to be smart to do so. At the end of the month, you will be more aggressive than at other times. It is convenient that you do not repress these energies and look to channel them in a creative way. You should be careful of toxic substances that can contaminate your body. It is recommended that you look for a diet that provides you with vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients.

Gemini (May 21-June 21): This month is not conducive to making important decisions, but if your intuition tells you it will work, act on your hunches. Fantasies will disturb your love life. If you are married or engaged, your partner will be your grounding wire. If you have no one, don't be tormented by fantasies and illusions that pop up every time you meet someone as you will be very romantic and affectionate. It is likely that conflicts will arise in your home and that they will disturb your peace of mind. Try not to get involved in problems emotionally, use your reasoning to better analyze your reactions. Alterations in your health are also probable due to the lack of emotional balance. Take care of your nerves and your diet.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): You'll be eager to make amends for the mistakes you made and won't know where to start. However, it's simple: apologize. Don't hesitate to show yourself as the fun person you are, if you don't have a partner, because whoever you are interested in is waiting for a new spark in their life. You must learn to prioritize your expenses, because, although you are a good creditor, you leave empty spaces in your obligations, and in addition to suffering delays and hardships, you end up paying surcharges. Make a list of your payments and put your biggest debts first. The offers you are given may be misleading, since they suppose a saving that in reality is not true. It is better that you let this opportunity pass you by, as it will only be an expense that you cannot afford and that will hurt your budget. Better opportunities will come. Try to eat better, hydrate yourself, do an exercise routine and respect your rest hours.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22): You will earn money during this month as your monetary possibilities will expand. Business will give you the expected result and sometimes a little more. The feeling of growing and being powerful financially will be very strong, but in its negative aspect it could lead you to spend more than you should. You will have to be moderate with your purchases or expenses because you could incur debts without noticing it. You will wish not to deprive yourself of anything and it is likely that you will not be able to distinguish between what you really need and what you do not. In any case, you will not lack money and it would be very profitable for you to invest it in your real goals. It is important that you be consistent and not disperse your resources in goods that only serve to please your status or highlight your social position.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You must learn to value the benefits your partner adds to your life. You don't value the way he or she has positively influenced your life. That is called ingratitude. You must learn to adapt to the conditions imposed on you. It is not intelligent to face an order of things that you do not control. You will find things could be a bit difficult and unruly on their own, but if you connect correctly with others, the most difficult tasks will be done almost effortlessly. You should not give yourself the luxury of being paralyzed, it is time to move forward and give a solution to any problem you have. You are stagnating your progress to give way to a period of stagnation that could last a long time if you do not put the brakes on it right now, it sounds sarcastic to say that you should stop something that is stagnant, but that's just the way it is.

Libra (Sept.23 - Oct. 22): Having faith is good, but it does not make you money. You must give up those reports of good intentions and ask for concrete facts. It is time for actions and not empty promises. Actions are what count. If you continue with this passivity you will continue to lose resources. It is time to get down to work and not sit and wait. The boredom you feel is due to a lack of goals. To avoid this emotion, and to get your life moving, you must set yourself new challenges. The most important must be the care of your mind and soul. That is the feat on which you must concentrate. A spectacular moment will happen with the person you love. Don't allow people who don't know you to be so intrusive in the decisions you have made regarding a sentimental issue that has been on your mind. The environment in which you surround yourself is not willing to stand by your side, nor is it willing to support you in a matter that you cannot manage on your own, you are likely to see your options on an important matter reduced.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): This month your health will depend on how cleanse your environment and yourself. Do detoxification treatments, drink teas, and eat foods that don't put pressure on your body, and exercise. When you break up with friends who poison you with their toxic attitude, you will feel better. Do it with determination. There will be a drastic change in your bank account, you must be careful when spending and investing. Analyze your expenses and check their validity. To be happy with your love life you cannot rush anything, let the relationship walk at its own pace. This is the month to show your sensuality to the world, to assert yourself, to ask for what you want. You need fresh air: do not postpone your date with happiness. Relax, and if you feel out of shape help yourself with home methods to combat lack of energy.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Your projects and ideas will continue to move forward, but instead of rushing things, take the opportunity to refine your ideas. You must make important decisions in your life that will lead you to take the right steps and get what you want and have dreamed of. You will have an opportunity to be promoted at a professional level, this opportunity should not be missed. You will receive extra earnings, and this will motivate you to make investments, take risks as far as possible. It is drawn in the stars that you will receive very good news related to your future and that will cheer you up at the end of the year. Do you realize it? When your self-esteem is healthy and your energy vibrates high, everything concludes as you want and deserve. If you are single, you should be very cautious and take care of your heart, so you don't get hurt. Don't be fooled by a relationship that seems like a fairy tale.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): It is time for you to regain faith in your worth as a person, or you will continue to distance yourself from the people you care about. When you set your mind to something you can achieve it. This month do not let bad vibes or negative thoughts sabotage your mind. You do not know the power that your mind can have, maybe negative things happen in your life, things that you do not control, but you will be able to solve all the problems. Don't let your mind be your enemy. You need to trust yourself more, be more initiative-taking in everything and don't leave things half done. Be confident and project good energies outwardly. You must look for motivation, encourage yourself to continue. If you are not aware of these moods, you will affect everyone around you. If you are in a relationship, you will ask to move in together, have a child, and may even ring marriage bells.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 20): This month try to relax a little and express well what you want to say. You should start thinking a little bit about the future and that entails starting to save and cut back on certain expenses. We are what we project, the world will return the same to you. Don't doubt your talents and abilities to move forward. If you have a partner expect intense emotions this month. If you are alone and by chance you find that person, do not let love go for fear of what might happen. Enjoy and then make decisions. You will have more energy than usual, remember to protect it. Do not spend time and effort on things or people that are not worth it. You are going to start feeling better about yourself, your body, and your physique in general. In your professional area important changes are coming, if you are working you will receive recognition, something that will make you feel valid.

Pisces (Feb. 21-March 20): A new month begins, and you are going to be a little low in spirits or saturated with certain situations that will make your head explode. Patience because good things are coming. Your mental clarity increases after the 10th, your concentration also and this is necessary to give you a boost. Try to commit yourself, don't leave things half done. Profits await you; if you wish to launch an ambitious project, this is the month to do it. Control your anxiety episodes, there is a situation that you must stay away from because it will only bring you problems. Take care of your stomach, all the nerves about your problems will go straight there. Try to rest because this counteracts everything else. If something is delayed it does not mean it is not meant for you. It is a process that you must learn to enjoy.

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