Sun Signs January 2019

By Alina Rubi, PMAFA

Aries (March 21-April 20): The year starts with a bang, and you are advised to keep your options open as the days come in. Take stock of your situation, put together a workable budget and stick to it through the month. However, you would find it quite difficult to stick to your financial plans. But you ought to, or else progress might be stalled. Avoid jumping to conclusions on career matters on the 8th. Travel beckons and should be quite fun on the 18th. Your energy levels are quite strong all month but are exponentially so on the 25th. Do a big project. Avoid indulgences of any sort. You are advised to take up some sport or hobby while there is spare time and redeem your intense stress levels. Connect to nature in some way. Your love life would be very sentimental and quite emotional this month.

Taurus (April 21-May 21): This month would bring many opportunities to come up in your career life. You would be able to re-establish certain businesses or services that have been long last from your sight. Co-operative ventures would work well for you this month. Certain professional encounters might be converted into positive relationships, beware. A better understanding of yourself and that of your partner goes a long way in improving your emotional love life. As the month moves on, much progress can be expected in the love front for you. Time would be by your side, keep going and stay clear of rifts and misconceptions. This would be the best month to get to the bottom of things as far as some legal matters are concerned.

Gemini (May 22-June 21): Channel your energies towards positive ground. In this way you would be able to harness your potential, resulting in general well-being. However, do not force yourself into too much physical stress as it might lead to serious health consequences later. Long-term investments of yours would be maturing now, getting your hands full of funds. This would improve your optimism level. However, do not over-indulge as your funds might soon dwindle away. You are advised to be cautious with your expenditure. This is a good time to invest in long-term plans and real estate ventures. Some of your near ones might abuse your financial power. Do not come to impulsive conclusions regarding family matters this period. Take time to reflect on the pros and cons before plunging into action.

Cancer (June 22-July 22): Major changes can be expected this month when your mode of working and your approach to work in general changes. Practicality would be the key to your progress. Concentrate on professional ethics rather than personal life to come out successful on the job front. This would be a good time for you to grow spiritually and personally on a different note. Stick to a balanced diet and avoid bad health habits. Listen to your body and soul as you pick up the threads back to health. Practice meditation or some physical exercises to keep you in good shape. A kind of stability comes in the love front around the 15th. Wedding plans can be done around this time. Though obstacles are seen, you would be evolving towards positivity in the love area this time.

Leo (July 23-Aug.22): You must walk the extra mile to win laurels in your work place. Though this month would be a good time to reset your ambitions and ideals if they are not reachable soon. Be ready to bring your creativity and work skills to the fore. This would help you for a major promotion or a pay-hike around the 18th. A good time to enter into collaborative ventures rather than standing alone. Your emotional self would be taken for a ride though. Do not be tempted by false promises, hopes and sentiments through this month. Work towards constructive growth in your love life. A sense of progress can be expected in the love side at the end of the month.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): This would be a good time to review your financials and plan for the future. Avoid extravaganza in personal and professional life through the month. Some of your long-term goals will materialize around the 21st. This would be a good time for introspection and changing your perspective. Your diet and exercising regimen need to be altered for goodness. Stick to good food habits, renounce indulgences in eating and this would allow you to see a new you. Do not yield to emotional blackmails at home. This period would be a good time to enjoy your freedom from family but within reasonable constraints. Get rid of any suspicions end-route to the end of the month.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your aspiration towards peace and tranquility will prevail, thanks to your commitment towards achieving the same. This is a time when your desires need to be curtailed a bit in all senses. Only a balanced approach to your finances will help you to stay afloat in these tough times. Refocus your budget and try to live within your means. Do not scatter your energies, instead, remain focused. Certain harsh decisions must be made as well, as to who stays and who needs to go now from your life. The middle of the month would be quite tiresome with personal and professional priorities hogging you. Major physical challenges are also on the cards for some Libra. Take some risks, do not indulge in eating and get good rest. Find ways to cleanse your physical and mental self.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): This month your sense of work and energy levels are greatly enhanced. But then impulsive and secretive acts need to be curbed for the period for you be in total harmony with those around you these days. You would be getting the good support of family and friends to come out in your professional life making it more worthwhile. A good time to decide on what areas are in real need of your finances and what areas can wait. The end of the month would bring some luck and fortune. Also, some monetary benefits by way of legacy or inheritance is also on the cards. Stick to good food habits, take plenty of water and liquids and take care that nervous breakdowns are out of your way. Love your moment and look out for calm and serene atmosphere to live and work in.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Much growth can be seen both in the personal and professional front this month. Auspicious events would keep you on your toes. Finances would be at the crest while health might give occasional hiccups. Expect radical changes to end-route your love life. You are advised to keep your senses and emotions under check. Do not yield to your desires or that of your partner. The planets are likely to bring you about major restructuring in your workplace through the month. Head-on collisions do not work, instead sit on the table for negotiations. The middle of month would bring about pay hikes and promotions for some. Luck is something that will undoubtedly follow you where you go, making all your tasks easy, uncomplicated and effortless thanks to Jupiter. Do not involve yourself too much with unimportant and insignificant issues as it may have a negative impact on your reputation, which may go for a toss. It will affect you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Certain events would help you to progress in the positive direction this month. Expect major outcomes with regards to your career. However, do not over-exert yourself as this will take a toll on your mental health. You are wired to do hard work, but then do not be too pessimistic after putting all your eggs in one basket. Around the 19th, take moderate breaks. Make sure that you bond well with your authorities and peers this month for goodness in the work place. Co-operative deals are not going to work for you now, hence it is better to go alone. You don't believe in following but you find more new ways to do something. Beware not to spend too much over something that is not useful and keep your wallet or purse in check because your expenditure is likely to increase. There are several natural methods to protect your health and they should be explored.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19): You would be able to locate your past mistakes, correct yourself and plunge yourself into a fresh new perspective of life. Your social area also gets a good boost as you make new friends and acquaintances through the month. Some of your ideals would be met. This is the best period to assert your position to your partner too. Make yourself and your moves more transparent and understandable to your partner. Annoying or irritating them would take you nowhere these days. Family and friends would be a great source of inspiration in your love life. This month would also be the perfect time to make radical changes in your relationships. Get rid of events or situations that ask for hot cash, as this would help you to avoid financial entanglements this period. Only money would preserve your identity, hence make sure that you have ample funds.

Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20): This is the perfect month to get rid of unwanted hesitations and forge ahead in style. Do not lose your time prodding over spilt milk. For those in the artistic field, this would be a good time to bring your imagination and creativity to the fore. This period would help you to earn the goodwill of those in the professional field. However, around the middle of the month, be prepared to handle some unexpected problems. This is not a good time to believe others, instead reflect on your conscience and confirm to your ideals and ideas. Be authentic and diplomatic in your love moves. Memories from the past might test your sincerity in your present love pursuit. Do not let yourself down, instead rise like a chimera in style. Bring constructive ideas in your personal life and find new avenues to satisfy your partner.

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