AFA Advanced Course in Relationships

Relationships of all kinds are a constant in life - coworkers, friends, spouses, romantic interests, and family. They also account for the majority of many astrologers client questions. This is why every student of astrology and every practicing astrologer should be conversant with the many techniques that can provide insight into relationships.

Furthermore, advances in computer programming allow astrologers to quickly consider methods that once were too time-consuming or inaccurate. Venus-centered charts and Venus Arc directions are two new methods you will learn in this course!

In this course you will learn about:

All of these topics and more are a part of the AFA correspondence course in relationships, which is composed of eight lessons and two supplemental topics. Through lessons, quizzes, exams, and personal interaction with your teacher, you will learn relationship techniques as well as how the cycles of the outer planets affect relationships moving forward in time.

As you delve into the techniques used by professional astrologers, you will learn from one of the best: Stephanie Clement. A professional member of AFA (PMAFA), Stephanie has a Ph.D in transpersonal psychology and is the author of many astrology books. Relationships are one of her areas of expertise, and she has provided knowledgeable insight to thousands of astrological clients. And Stephanie is not only the author of the course.

This is an advanced course in astrology, designed for those who have a working knowledge of the natal chart as well as forecasting.

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