AFA Advanced Course in Horary Astrology

Puzzled by all the intricate rules of horary astrology? What aspects to use? How to ask the question? Which house governs the question? Which planets govern the question?

All of these and many more are answered in this course, which will teach you how to analyze a horary chart to find the answers to yes-and-no questions and more complex ones.

In this course you will learn:

The course is composed of twelve lessons, an extensive glossary, and a bibliography. Through lessons, exams, and personal interaction with your teacher, you will learn horary astrology techniques and discover that theyre not nearly as puzzling as they seem at first.

Required Texts:

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You will also need an ephemeris, preferably one with an aspectarian, or a computer program that allows you to track aspects over time.

This is an advanced course in astrology, designed for those who have a working knowledge of the natal chart as well as forecasting.

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