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Astrology and the Power of Eight

Maria Kay Simms


Astrology and the Power of Eight is about Cycles of Transformation (its subtitle). It begins with the meaning of 8 in numerology, and the rest is astrology, in particular about Scorpio, the eighth zodiac sign, the eighth house of the horoscope, the transits of Saturn around the horoscope, and the secondary progressions of Moon. Eight phase cycles of progressed Moon have long been studied in astrology and were the topic of the author's earlier book "Moon Tides, Soul Passages." This book reprises the lunar phases within a final chapter, but the major part of this new book is on lifetime repeating eight phase cycles of transiting Saturn from natal Saturn, and then transiting Saturn around the wheel from the Ascendant and from the I.C. (4th house cusp, as a point of endings and new beginnings. Many examples of how each complete phase cycle of approximately 29-30 years works are provided from the author's own experience, from lives of other whom she knows well and from public figure biographies. Information on how to easily obtain reports giving lifetime dates of phase cycle changes is provided.


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