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Lunar Nodes

Bernice Prill Grebner


Complete delineations of the nodes by sign, house, aspect in natal and synastry charts.


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susan l.
4/27/2019 2:23pm
Pros: I think that this is one the better books on Nodes on the market. She uses HOUSES not signs for her nodal interpretation following the Vedic idea. Here's an example, North Node in the 3rd makes it difficult for the person to express his deepest feelings. This must be learned by constantly exchanging ideas and feelings with
others. This must be forced before he can reap fulfillment. He needs to develop the ability to share his sensory awareness in his life with those in his social environment, and needs to receive from them their awareness and impressions. He needs to relate easily to his environment and to work for the betterment of that society. The key
words are communication and subjectivity.
The South Node in the ninth is objectivity. This gives instinctive knowledge of philosophy, theology, and science. It gives an objective desire to study higher abstract truth. There may be many changes in religious thinking because of an inner need to seek the truth of our being. But on a lower scale this may result in a tendency to cross-
examine. It promotes interest in the basic theories and concepts of religion, social ideas, and the metaphysical. The person should learn to study these subjects realistically with his intellect instead of daydreaming. South Node in the ninth, at its best, is a genius at separating fact from fancy, especially when favorably aspects to
Mercury or Uranus.
Cons: The aspects are vague ..harmonious and inharmonious only.
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